Clean eating | 2019, photography

Three photographic prints (50x70) portraying sugary foods: pancakes, ice cream, and breakfast cereal. The direct opposite of what’s considered “clean eating” – however the foods in the phtotos have been modified using products commonly related to washing and cleaning such as e.g. shaving foam, laundry detergent, vaseline, and soap. 
This is a method used in food photography to give the prototypes a glossier look and also stopping things like whipped cream from flattening immediately, ice cream from melting, and cereal from becoming soggy. In these photos the fake is exposed, but not obvious at first.

The title of the set is also a comment on the overly cleanliness of a food industry where excessive refinement and processing (such as bleaching, coloring, washing, shaping) impacts our view on food negatively as well as complicates production in terms of sustainability. 

Vanish + mashed potatoes

  Vaseline + shaving foam

Shower gel + glue

The photos were exhibited at Konst Reklam Konst,
exhibition at Konstnärshuset, september 2019.

Behind the scenes.
The food was left for more than five hours and still looked intact.