Beckmans FAQ, Open Day | 2018, 2019, typography, identity & design

Studying design on a college level is riddled with lots of questions. What experience do I need? How much does it cost? Do I have to own a black turtleneck?

Each year, Beckmans College of Design holds an Open day event where the doors open up for everyone who's interested in visiting the school. You get the chance to talk to lecturers, students and alumni in order to debunk some of the misconceptions around design schools. But for those who're interested and don't live in Stockholm, it often proves to be inconvenient that this information is only available at a certain place, one day a year.

With Beckmans FAQ, we strive to open up for answering questions online by a website where you can either randomly read questions and answers, find them through categories, and also submit your own questions which then are answered by staff and students.

Art direction and identity:
Almir Jašarević
Lisa Åsberg
Sofia Hjortberg
Isabelle Sjö


Sign system and stickers

Animated IG posts and thumbnail image