Beckmans Graduation Fashion Show 2019 | 2019, film

10 fashion students showed their graduation collections in a fashion show at the Tessin Palace in Stockholm in May.

Sandra Saeidi
Fo Phan
Erik Olsson
Felicia Aström
Benedicte Eggesbø
Sergio Castiglioni
Sofia Isdahl
Jon Allensten
Adam Swärd
Emma Wåhlin

Intro and runway

Sofia Hjortberg
Filip Kwang-Ho Svensson
Elisabet Lindén Calatayud
Saba Mehrabanfar
Isak Swahn

For this project we were in charge of all parts: arranging the sets, filming, and editing.
Beyond editing the runway part of designers Benedicte Eggesbø, Sergio Castiglioni,
and Adam Swärd, my main job being typography and end credits.
The runway films and intro are shot with wide angle cameras and a fish eye-lens, 
a big challenge being capturing the several rooms in which the models were walking.

Typography and end credits


Each designer has a short intro with their name
+ collection title. 

Typefaces used – Skrappa for titles and Surt for body copy

The end credits are shot by Isak Swahn and cut/edited by me.
We wanted to create a contrast to the runway shots with
the strict walking, creating an ending where the models
were filmed back stage, also trying to capture
the summer at it’s peak on that day.